Welcome to Baby feeder the free app for mothers, carers
and those working with children. 

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Baby feeder allows you to easily log your feeding schedule whether you feed breast, formula or expressed milk. It's easy to use and all on one screen. 

Lets see how it works:

    1. If you select breast you will see two buttons left and right, when you click a button a timer will start 
        showing you how long you have fed for. This is also shown on the log in the middle of the screen.
    2. If you selected a period between feeds, a timer will start on the opposite button counting down to your         
        next feed. You can also select between formula and breast both will use the same period between     
        feeds and be recorded on the log.

     3.  If you select formula you will see either formula or expressed buttons, depending if you selected the 
          period between feeds once pressed the timer will count down to the next feed.
     4.  You can also delete log items if you have made a mistake :)

     5.  If you leave the screen, the app will notify you when another feed is required.
     6.  Here's a reminder you will see when you start or reset your log.

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